No ifs; only butts... Dedicated to the cloth, the craft, the culture and the history of denim. G-Star RAW launches its Spring/Summer ‘20 brand campaign: Hardcore Denim. It’s all about the details: the stitching, the cut, the lines, the balance. Because details make the difference and take denim from good to great. “The follow-up sequel [...]

COOP Shoot

Behind the Scenes Some photographs from the 11 day COOP Shoot. CLIENT COOP, Goud UberConnected SERVICES Concept, Creative Direction, Photography YEAR 2016/17

Finding River Country

Finding River CountryWalt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida U.S.A. One of the photographs from this series is hanging at DDB & Tribal Amsterdam. One fine day... As a child, I used to dream of going to Walt Disney World, Florida. The things I read about it totally fascinated me. To me it was almost unbelievable [...]

A trip down KLM lane

A trip down KLM lane KLM "huisjes" are porcelain models of notable Dutch houses and buildings filled with genever (Dutch Gin). Travellers in KLM's business class get these as a gift. For KLM's 91st anniversary (and 91st building) we created a mini-site on KLM.com for collectors and fans, where every building was modelled in clay and [...]

INHOLLAND Photography

Photographing Students of INHOLLAND in their own cities Photography for INHOLLAND College in the Netherlands. I did this shoot with Namy Nosratifard. We spent 10 full days capturing students all around The Netherlands. The aim was to localise INHOLLAND's website, so you would see people from your own school when coming to the website. CLIENT [...]

Winq. Magazine

Winq. a Gay Mag. We were asked to design a Dutch Gay magazine in early 2006. Wijbrand Stet, Jacco Oosthuizen and Myself did the first 4 issues. The magazine has been pretty successful ever since and the German magazine MATE has adopted the same design and layout. Currently there's also an British/English version on the market. [...]