Adidas World Cup Brazuca Official Match Ball Introduction

Adidas Brazuca FWA MOBILE SITE OF THE DAY FWA WEBSITE OF THE DAY Summary Our task was to introduce Brazuca to the football world in an interactive product experience that combines both the story behind the new adidas ball and a visually intriguing product display to drive sales. During each game, all eyes will be [...]

A trip down KLM lane

A trip down KLM lane KLM "huisjes" are porcelain models of notable Dutch houses and buildings filled with genever (Dutch Gin). Travellers in KLM's business class get these as a gift. For KLM's 91st anniversary (and 91st building) we created a mini-site on for collectors and fans, where every building was modelled in clay and [...]

Blankets 4 Africa

Inspired by Africa Branding and Identity for a wonderful organisation in South Africa that tries to persuade all airlines to donate their blankets, so they can be used by children and their parents to keep them warm. CLIENT Blankets 4 Africa SERVICES Branding, Print YEAR 2013

KLM Tile & Inspire

3 X LOVIE AWARD 3 X EUROBEST SPIN AWARD SXSW FINALIST NEY YORK FESTIVALS WINNER FORRESTER GROUNDSWELL AWARD 'Your own Delft blue portrait on a real KLM plane'. This formed the starting point for the KLM 'Tile & Inspire' campaign that was jointly developed DDB and Tribal DDB. It's a social media campaign where KLM invited [...]

Philips LED Lighting TV Commercial

Philips LED Lighting TV Commercial Buenos Aires, Argentina Independent’s Philippe André has directed a beautifully crafted spot that displays Philips LED Lighting to dramatic effect. In a simple yet striking composition, the spot opens on a continuous row of Philips LED lamps, which illuminate the homes and lives of the characters in the piece like [...]

INHOLLAND Photography

Photographing Students of INHOLLAND in their own cities Photography for INHOLLAND College in the Netherlands. I did this shoot with Namy Nosratifard. We spent 10 full days capturing students all around The Netherlands. The aim was to localise INHOLLAND's website, so you would see people from your own school when coming to the website. CLIENT [...]

Volkswagen Tame the Tank

Inspired by the Ocean What: Game / microsite. Where: Netherlands. Role: Art Direction. For Volkswagen Polo, we wanted to educate buyers about the effect driving behavior has on fuel economy. "Tem de Tank" had players racing a VW Polo from Amsterdam to Milan, facing various obstacles and decisions along the way. The twist is that it's hard [...]

Even Apeldoorn bellen LIVE

Star in your own AccidentSILVER LION CANNES For more than 25 years, the 'Just call us' commercials of Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer Achmea have been the most popular and awarded ones in the Netherlands. In our new campaign, we wanted to bring the slogan closer to the people. So we did: with six real [...]


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