Inspired by the Ocean

What: Game / microsite.
Where: Netherlands.
Role: Art Direction.

For Volkswagen Polo, we wanted to educate buyers about the effect driving behavior has on fuel economy. “Tem de Tank” had players racing a VW Polo from Amsterdam to Milan, facing various obstacles and decisions along the way. The twist is that it’s hard to use all the fuel up on this journey without doing stupid things along the way…

The game featured beautifully crafted maps representing the journey through the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy with both day and night settings. Maps were based on original 1960s European tourism charts.



Webbys: honoree

CD, copy: Olaf van der Geld, Björn Diemer
HoA: Mike Hambleton
AD: Geert Jan Bijlstra
Graphic designer: Vanessa Carpanezi

Volkswagen, DDB&Tribal Amsterdam

Art Direction