Philips LED Lighting TV Commercial
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Independent’s Philippe André has directed a beautifully crafted spot that displays Philips LED Lighting to dramatic effect. In a simple yet striking composition, the spot opens on a continuous row of Philips LED lamps, which illuminate the homes and lives of the characters in the piece like falling dominoes. Lighting every room and space in a perfectly timed chain of events, the fluid passage of lamplights takes the viewer in and out of the domestic setting, cutting across gardens and gliding over a strip of LED tea lights lying on the surface of a swimming pool, which spark to life.

The journey of the lights continues along roads where children’s’ bikes are guided safely by Philips, then out across a car park and on to a fleeting glimpse of a highway, where Philips’ LEDs are shown in an industrial capacity.

Cutting seamlessly between a wide shot and a close up, André’s captivating cinematic sequence takes the viewer across a bridge and into the city, lighting the architectural forms in its path. Never missing a beat or losing the sense of humanity and intimacy that prevails throughout, the spot concludes with a captivating synchronised LED display that plays across the facia of a skyscraper.

Philippe André has created a visual feast for the viewer, while effortlessly highlighting the breadth of Philips LED capabilities, making it a highly versatile commercial that can be used in a variety of contexts.
Speaking modestly of his achievements, André comments “It was funny to block the traffic on an eight lane street in Buenos Aires to set up hundreds of lamps and make them light up, on one after the other, live!”

Production Company: Independent Films
Independent Director: Philippe Andre
Independent Producer: Ohna Falby
Production Title: “What can light do?”
Agency: DDB Amsterdam
Agency Producer: Marco van Prooijen
Creative Director: Chris Baylis
Creatives: Geert Jan Bijlstra & Sharon Cleary

Philips LED

Art Direction