Gucci Guilty Worldwide Campaign

In 2010, Gucci launched a new fragrance – Gucci Guilty.
The campaign’s guilty pleasures theme launched with a cinematic TVC created by legendary graphic-novel artist and film director Frank Miller, starring Hollywood celebrities Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans. This was supported by a series of tantalizing print ads that used sensual imagery to tease and excite.
Our target audience was savvy internet users who are actively on-line, watching & sharing content & news and commenting on products. To reach them, we leveraged the appeal of the film and the elite nature of Gucci, to create genuine anticipation about the campaign launch at the MTV VMAs.

Through media channels YouTube & Facebook, we fed teaser trailers, exclusive cast videos, music streaming, and digital gifts that included online fragrance sampling, plus a once in a lifetime competition: to attend the VMAs as a VIP for the world premiere of Frank Miller’s Gucci Guilty.

The world’s most influential fashion journos and bloggers gather in Rome for the official announcement of Gucci Guilty. All guests are welcomed with a brand new iPad, pre-loaded with a campaign showcase.

The film-like launch of the Guilty TVC is announced on Facebook via the Gucci Facebook Fanpage, accompanied by a competition: to attend the MTV VMA’s as a VIP for the world premiere of Frank Miller’s Gucci Guilty.
The TVC ran on TV globally, with print running in all major fashion magazines around the world. The online campaign lived on YouTube & Facebook, attracting audiences via owned (existing FB fans), earned (seeding and viral spread of the TVC and VMA event) and bought media (advertising on influential spots like MTV and Facebook), enabling fans to engage with the Guilty content and to share with friends and peers.

In the 5 weeks of campaigning, Gucci saw an increase of 65% in Facebook fans (+700K new fans) and an increase of 199% in daily active and engaged fans on Facebook (between 120K and 140K per day). Gucci’s YouTube page saw a total of 1.4 million channel views and over 750K video views of the TVC, TVC Trailer and Director’s Cut. The iPad featuring the press kit supplied to journalists lead to a vast amount of positive buzz.

Gucci was ranked the #1 selling female fragrance in the US and Spain during the campaign and #2 in the UK, Italy and Netherlands while a bottle was sold every minute in the Middle East.

The campaign exceeded expectations helping generate $200 million in retail sales globally in the first four months after the product launch.


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