Abita's Flagship

The Abita New Year’s Eve Float resembles a ship, made from the flagship beers that Abita brews so well.

The Cuckoo Clock shows and strikes twelve, and because the bird that came out is so large, it slams the bottles which are starting to fall over and pop open. On the float we see this frozen-in-time moment.

Each bottle can have a different label, the popping caps could have lights inside them, and would be held in position by a wire. The beer foam coming out of the bottles could be smoke, or even confetti (a different colour for each beer?) The Bird coming out can have a person sitting in it. Under the Cuckoo Clock and Bird there is a platform where performers/people can stand, watch and wave at the crowd.

Happy New Year!

Kern Studios, Abita Breweries U.S.A.

Creative Direction, 3D Design


Concept Art

This project was a lot of fun to do, but didn’t make it into the design phase because it was too close to New Years Eve to actually pull this one off…